A novel that I have co authored with my son, Spencer Murphy.  

Eli suspected that his family dynamic was different. Though his parents were obviously in love and committed to each other, his father was often away from home and at times he wondered if indeed they were married in the traditional sense. He felt no resentment but only love for the two people whom he called Mom and Dad - but a late night intruder turns suspicions into mind blowing facts about his life and about his parents. 
Eli Rydr Thornton must come to terms with the stark reality that his father could be his most deadly enemy and in the middle was his mother who loved them both. As Eli is told blow by blow who he is, who his father is, he must search for answers that will take down the threat against his mother's life - a threat he himself must face. Being the son of Death himself is hard enough to realize but turning to face all Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse becomes an ordeal not only in saving his own life and those whom he loves but gaining obtaining and using the only weapons that will defeat the Brethren: Wisdom, Sanity, Knowledge and Discretion.